Make Sense Foundation (MSF) fundraising efforts:

SeneGence Independent Distributors “partner” with individuals and local charities and may donate a portion of the proceeds to organizations or nominate qualifying charities to receive financial support directly from the MSF. Additionally, SeneGence has the following efforts in place on an ongoing basis:

  • lipstick bulletFor every new Distributor who joins SeneGence International, a donation of $5 is made to the MSF
  • lipstick bulletFor every SeneSential Distributor Training Package purchased, a donation of $5 – $75 is made to the MSF
  • lipstick bulletFor every sale of MakeSenseā„¢ Foundation and MakeSense Hydration Foundation (liquid makeup) or SenseCosmeticsā„¢ Cosmetic Brush Collection, a portion of the sale is contributed to the MSF
  • lipstick bulletAn annual Make Sense Foundation Awards Banquet is held in April during SeneGence’s annual Seminar event and a portion of the proceeds from the event’s ticket sales and fundraisers is donated to the MSF
  • lipstick bulletPortion of proceeds from the annual SeneStore at Seminar is donated to the MSF
  • lipstick bulletKiss For a Cause LipSense, a blue-based fuchsia shade, is a limited-edition color that is brought back bi-annually in an effort to raise money for a selected charity, which is nominated by the Make Sense Foundation’s Board of Directors. Most recently, 5% of the wholesale price of each tube of Kiss For a Cause sold, was donated to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

MakeSense Makup by SeneGence

LipSense by SeneGence